Benchmark Institute is a training and performance development organization dedicated to increasing the quality and quantity of legal services to low-income communities.
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Orientation Checklist
If your orientation to your program consisted of filling out some forms, getting mumbled instructions about time sheets and a bunch of pink messages, this checklist should help you get the information that you need.

A helpful orientation should cover information on:

• organization’s culture — mission, history, vision, objectives
• policies and procedures
• safety, benefits, rights and responsibilities

Most standardized information will come from your program’s human resources person or administrator. Your immediate supervisor may be another good information source. Talk to people who folks respect and listen to — whether they have formal authority or not. Don’t assume this person is an attorney or that they’ve been at the program for a long time.

I. Organization

Sometimes you can find some of this information in annual reports, grant applications, and program promotional materials.

____ History

____ Mission

____ Vision

____ Goals & Objectives

____ Structure — Offices, Units

____ Strategies/Services

____ Client Community

____ Facilities

II. Compensation

____ Pay schedule

____ Timesheets

____ Salary Reviews

____ Overtime/Comp Time

____ Payroll Deductions

____ Forms

____ Charities

____ Worker’s Compensation

III. Benefits

____ Medical plan

____ Prescription-drug plan

____ Dental plan

____ Eye Care plan

____ Life Insurance

____ Disability Insurance

____ Worker’s Compensation Plan

____ Retirement/Pension plan

____ Credit Union

____ Savings plan

____ Payroll deposits

____ Tuition reimbursement

____ Training and Development programs

IV. Attendance

____ Work hours

____ Rules about lateness, sickness, absence

V. Leave & Holidays

____ Holidays

____ Sick leave

____ Personal Leave (maternity, family, bereavement)

____ Vacation

____ Jury Duty

____ Voting

VI. Health & Safety

____ Safety

____ Emergency procedures

____ First Aid

____ Child care program

____ Wellness program

____ Employee assistance program

____ Ride Sharing

____ Training

First Aid/CPR


Equipment Operation (photocopy, fax, scanner)

OSHA training

Americans with Disabilities compliance training

Sexual harassment, EEOC training

Ergonomics training

Emergency-preparedness procedures

Fire Extinguisher training

VII. Security

____ Security procedures

____ After hours procedures

____ Keys

____ Other

VIII. Internal Communications

____ Newsletter

____ Bulletin Board

____ Employee Handbook

____ Voice Mail

____ E- Mail

____ Intranet

IX. Transportation

____ Parking

____ Travel policies

____ Travel expenses

X. Personal Comfort

____ Rest and meal breaks

____ Kitchen/Break facilities

____ Smoking policy

____ Restroom locations

____ Safeguarding personal belongings

XI. Performance

____ Expectations

____ Quality

____ Ethical Standards

____ Probationary Period

____ Dress Code

____ Telephone procedures and courtesy

____ Promotions

____ Performance Reviews

____ Disciplinary Process

____ Causes for termination

____ Personal calls and visitors

____ Suggestions

____ Equal Opportunity

____ Sexual Harassment

____ Accepting Gifts

____ If you have a problem


Leave & Holidays
Health & Safety
Internal Communications
Personal Comfort