Benchmark Institute is a training and performance development organization dedicated to increasing the quality and quantity of legal services to low-income communities.
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Employment and Labor Law

Wage and Hour
Family & Medical Leave
Unemployment Insurance
State Disability Insurance
Workplace Health & Safety
Workers Compensation
Employment Discrimination
Wrongful Termination
Unemployment, underemployment, low wages, and inadequate unemployment insurance hit low-income people hard: they keep people poor and often can lead to more dire circumstances such as homelessness.

Welfare Reform in 1996 made welfare benefits contingent on work. The Department of Labor mandates that welfare recipients who work are protected by health and safety, anti-discrimination, and worker's compensation laws. DOL also requires that welfare recipients in activities like regular employment must be compensated at minimum wage.

Both federal and state laws govern employment.
The federal Department of Labor administers and enforces more than 180 federal laws. DOL describes many of these laws at