Benchmark Institute is a training and performance development organization dedicated to increasing the quality and quantity of legal services to low-income communities.
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Housing Law Overview


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So many low income people lack decent, affordable housing that housing issues hover in the background of most client legal problems. As housing becomes less affordable, people have fewer funds to meet essential needs — and sometimes are pushed into homelessness. Many housing issues present themselves in the context of unlawful detainer actions. Whatever your specialty and however housing problems present themselves to you, high quality service and ethical obligations demand familiarity with the issues covered in this learning program.

HLO paints the big picture of dealing with low income housing problems. It helps you identify affirmative actions that may be pursued to challenge discrimination, prevent mobilehome parks from closing, preserve subsidized housing, enforce housing codes and keep affordable housing habitable.

HLO outlines what you need to know in defending an eviction. It gives you an analytical framework to analyze key defenses such as parties, notice, rent, security deposits, discrimination, habitability, and retaliation. It deals with post judgment issues.

HLO is interactive. Through well-placed exercises and discussion, HLO deepens your understanding of key housing law concepts allowing you to apply them to your own community’s situation.

HLO arms you with well-written narrative, tools, checklists, resources and access to experts to consult just-in-time — when and where you need them.



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