The English House of Commas
A clever Power Point presentation on when to use commas. Gives plenty of examples.

Rules for Comma Usage

Conquering the Comma
A straightforward power point presentation on the comma. Discusses the rule, gives examples and then asks you to apply the rule.
Easy to absorb.

Using Commas
The basic rules with examples.

Proofreading for Commas
This checklist offers a systematic way to find comma errors.

Comma Exercises
Comma Usage

Commas – Fill in the Blanks

Commas and Coordinating Conjunctions

Commas and Introductory Elements

Using Commas: Exercises
These twelve exercises ask you to use commas appropriately in sentences, after introductions, and with non-essential elements.  Enjoy!


Usage & Grammar

Subject-Verb Agreement

Pronoun References



Colons & Semi-Colons


Common Words that Sound Alike