Some Spelling Rules
Did you know that the word "misspelling" is one of the most often misspelled words in English?  Read this article on key spelling rules; e.g., "i before e except after c" and some tips for improving your spelling.

I Before E/ E Before I Rule
Write I before E
Except after C
Or when it sounds like an A
As in "neighbor" and "weigh"

But wait. There's more!

Spelling: Noun Plurals
Ghettos or ghettoes? Peccadilloes or piccadellos? DUI's or DUIs? Find out which.

Exercises on Spelling
i before e

-ible -able

except - accept

affect - effect

Spelling Exercise 1

Spelling Exercise 2

Spelling Quiz Exercise 3

Spelling Quiz Exercise 4

Spelling Quiz Exercise 5

Spelling Quiz Exercise 6

Spelling Quiz Exercise 7

Usage & Grammar

Subject-Verb Agreement

Pronoun References



Colons & Semi-Colons


Words that Sound Alike