Words that Sound Alike

Common Words that Sound Alike
Errors in writing that involve sound-alike words (homophones) are known as "wrong word" errors. Such errors are more significant than simple spelling mistakes, because they involve word-level confusion, not merely incorrect spelling.

This handout contains a list of the most common.

Notorious Confusables Part I
Professor Darling has complied 257 examples of words that are misused or misspelled. He puts the words in a sentence. Passing your mouse over a highlighted word causes its definition to appear in the status-line at the bottom your browser window.
Part I covers abhorrent/aberrant to indeterminate/indeterminable.

Notorious Confusables Part II
Part II covers the words from indite/indict to your/you're.

Notorious Confusables: An Alphabetized List
Use this pull down menu to go directly to the confusable of
your choice.

Notorious Confusables Exercises
Notorious Confusables Exercise 1

Notorious Confusables Exercise 2

Notorious Confusables Exercise 3

Notorious Confusables Exercise 4

Notorious Confusables Exercise 5

Its/It's and Their/There/They're

To Lie/To Lay and To Sit/To Set

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Words that Sound Alike